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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your adoption fees?
The adoption fee is $45 plus the cost of spaying or neutering and rabies vaccination. Depending on the sex and size of the dog, the spaying or neutering is $55-$95, and the rabies vaccination is $10-$13. The veterinarian may send pain medication home during recovery, and that is $15-$20 depending on size. If a dog has already received vetting, the adoption fee is $125.

What is the adoption process?
If you decide you’d like to add a furry family member, there is an adoption application and contract you can fill out at the shelter. After paying the adoption fee, a shelter representative schedules your new family member’s appointment and takes them to the veterinarian for surgery. After the surgery, the vet calls you to pick up your new family member and you pay the remaining fees to the vet.

What’s the difference between rescue and adoption?
At the White County Animal Shelter, we take great pride in the care of each and every one of the animals that come through our door; however, shelter life is a shock, and a very stressful situation for any animal. We also have limited space, manpower, and funds for medical or special needs, so it is our priority to place our animals in a stable, loving environment as soon as possible.

We are very fortunate to work with some of the most highly regarded rescue groups in the area. These groups have access to foster homes, which provide a nurturing environment. Rescue groups also have the ability to raise funds for medical care and the manpower to better screen potential adopters, giving the dogs a much better chance at finding their forever homes, and much more quickly. They can take many dogs at once, which helps keep our population manageable without resorting to the drastic measures other less fortunate shelters are forced to use.

Adoption, on the other hand, indicates that the dog is open to the general public to be adopted. That’s why the majority of our dogs are listed as “for rescue or adoption.” When an animal is listed as “rescue ONLY,” it means that there are extenuating circumstances that require skilled or professional assistance before the dog can be adopted out.

The White County Animal Shelter is grateful for all of our supporters, adopters, and rescues and all the many selfless volunteers behind the scenes who organize, transport, and open their homes and their hearts to offer hope to our precious pets in need of a loving forever home.

What Do I Do if My Pet is Lost?

Many animals come to Animal Control lost from their owners. Those with ID tags, rabies tags, or micro chips find their way home quicker if their information is correct.

Those unfortunate animals without a tag or microchip have to wait until their owner comes to the shelter looking for them.

If you are looking for your animal, come to the shelter to look for it. If it is not located, Animal Control staff can guide you with how to submit a lost report, and other ways to attempt to locate your lost pet.

If you have found an animal, contact Animal Control at (931) 761-3647. An Animal Control officer will be dispatched to pick up the animal or you can bring the animal to the shelter during the shelter's open hours. Please call to schedule an appointment. The animal will be housed and fed until the owner reclaims it. If not reclaimed, the animal has a good chance to be adopted into another home or going to a rescue organization. You can also fill out our Online Lost Pet Form  Lost Pet Online Form

How do I volunteer?
Volunteering is handled through our support group POPS– Pals of the Pooches at the White County Animal Shelter. During the spring and summer months, they set up orientations and training days. During the winter months, POPS sets up a training day with a lead volunteer. Please email Stephanie at pops.Stephanie@gmail.com for more info and to get started today.

What do volunteers do?
There are many ways to help the animals at the shelter. Cleaning the shelter, feeding the dogs, walking the dogs, lawn care, building maintenance, and other jobs are crucial to keeping the shelter a clean and safe environment for the pooches.

How do I foster a dog for the shelter?
We do not currently have a foster program at the shelter. We recommend filling out a foster application through AARF and letting them know that you are interested in fostering for the White County Animal Shelter. We do at times need emergency fosters for pregnant or nursing moms, or dogs that have received major medical care.

Does the shelter take donations?
Yes! We are always in need of supplies to keep the dogs happy and healthy:


  • Dawn Dishsoap (Ultra, Concentrated, or Platinum)
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent or Pods (He)
  • Bleach
  • White Vinegar
  • Paper Towels
  • Scrub Sponges
  • Scrub Brushes
  • Multi Purpose Cleaner (Spray and Liquid)
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Handsoap and Hand Sanitizer


  • Dry and Canned Food (Adult and Puppy)
  • Treats
  • Hard Rubber Toys (Kong Type)
  • Hard Chew Toys (NylaBone Type)
  • Blankets
  • Shampoos and Brushes
  • Straw (Winter Months)
  • Cedar Shavings (Summer Months)
  • Gift Certificates for Veterinary Services (Sparta Vet Sevices)


  • 100' Heavy Duty Garden Hoses
  • Fire Hose Type Nozzles
  • Gardening Tools
  • Storage Totes

Please call us before you throw it out.  We can find a use for just about anything. 

Also please visit the Donate Tab on our site for other ways to donate.


White County Animal Shelter

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